River the Snoop.

River is an 11yr old Beagle who joined her family in June 2017 after retiring from life as a quarantine detector dog. She settled into her new home well once the cats put her in her place. She lives with her 4 humans, (2 adults and 2 kids) and Fiasco, the Kelpie cross who you can read about here.

She loves to walk and play and has the nickname “the Goat” and “Snoops”. I could see why she gets both of these names, she jumps up on things like a mountain goat and is always sniffing and curious about what is going on. probably from her training as a working dog.

River loves any food that is on the kitchen bench and loves her ball and her tug toys. She is very smart and according to her mum, a little to smart for her own good at times, and almost cat like in that she likes to do what she wants to do when she wants to do it.

She has the most beautiful big soft floppy ears.

Here is a bit that here Mum had to say about her.
“River has provided lots of mischief, laughs and head shaking since arriving. she is very cheeky and being a beagle very food oriented. We were heading out in the car one day and my son was sitting in the back seat with a cheese sandwich that he was eating, My husband forgot something from inside the house so got out of the car, leaving his door open. River leapt into the car, grabbed half the sandwich, and bolted back out of the car to eat it. Very naughty but also very funny.”

What a lot of fun River sound like. Certainly would keep you on your toes.


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