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Harley hates Hollywood

No guessing where this was taken, the stars on the sidewalk give it away!! According to Harley’s dad, he hates Hollywood. He was in a mishap just a few minutes before this where he was under attack by another dog. He was so beautiful that you just wouldn’t know it looking at his photos. Harley is 3yrs old and a mixed breed.


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Gypsy the Pitbull with the Biggest Smile ever.

This is Gypsy, a 3 yr old Pit bull from San Diego. Gypsy was having a lovely day at Santa Monica beach with his dad. So curious. My gosh, what a bark this dog had, made me jump out of my skin almost LOL. but all harmless and such a super sweet little lady.

Was lovely to meet you Gypsy.


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Kasha the Chinese Crested

This is Kasha, isn’t she wonderful. She is a Chinese Crested dog from Santa Monica, California. She was out having a walk with her owner when i came across her. A local to this area and photographed on Santa Monica Beach.


Bella the Korea Jindo

Bella the Korea Jindo was a rescue dog that now lives in Los Angles. She has an amazing story being rescued in Korea as part of the Dove Project, she was raised as part of the meat trade there but was rescued and fostered to a lovely lady in LA.

And what a beautiful dog she is. Such presence. and a wonderful world ambassador for this project. @dove_project

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Ashes the Lyft driver.

Ashes is a 12 yr old Cocker Spaniel cross terrier. It was really great to be able to have her keep us company while her owner drove us to our destination. She was just adorable.


Guapo the Handsome Spanish Portuguese Water Dog

This is Guapo and he is just so cute. We met Guapo at our AirBnb in Portland Oregon. He was the best host. Hes an older boy, 11 years old, but doing really well for his age.

I couldn’t help but photograph this handsome dude.



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Merlin and Frier

Saw these guys chilling on a Sunday afternoon while out shooting on location. Had to stop the car, reverse back, and take the shot. was blocking traffic so couldn’t find out to much about them but they are just the cutes puppies ever.

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Gigi the British Bull Dog.

How absolutely adorable is Gigi. Such a sweet face.

Gigi is an 8 month old British Bull Dog who was enjoying a lovely afternoon lunch at Joans Pantry in Hawthornedene. I had just finished photographing one of my wonderful families on Sunday when the Lovely Gigi walked on by. She was still there when I finished so asked if I could add her to our Walking the Dog Blog Family.

Isn’t she sensational! She was breed in Sydney but definitely fits into to the Adelaide hills lifestyle.




River the Snoop.

River is an 11yr old Beagle who joined her family in June 2017 after retiring from life as a quarantine detector dog. She settled into her new home well once the cats put her in her place. She lives with her 4 humans, (2 adults and 2 kids) and Fiasco, the Kelpie cross who you can read about here.

She loves to walk and play and has the nickname “the Goat” and “Snoops”. I could see why she gets both of these names, she jumps up on things like a mountain goat and is always sniffing and curious about what is going on. probably from her training as a working dog.

River loves any food that is on the kitchen bench and loves her ball and her tug toys. She is very smart and according to her mum, a little to smart for her own good at times, and almost cat like in that she likes to do what she wants to do when she wants to do it.

She has the most beautiful big soft floppy ears.

Here is a bit that here Mum had to say about her.
“River has provided lots of mischief, laughs and head shaking since arriving. she is very cheeky and being a beagle very food oriented. We were heading out in the car one day and my son was sitting in the back seat with a cheese sandwich that he was eating, My husband forgot something from inside the house so got out of the car, leaving his door open. River leapt into the car, grabbed half the sandwich, and bolted back out of the car to eat it. Very naughty but also very funny.”

What a lot of fun River sound like. Certainly would keep you on your toes.



Love this old girl. Fi is just adorable.

Fi (Fiasco) is a 14yr old Kelpie Cross. She was adopted by her family from the RSPCA in 2003. She loves to sleep in the sun and soak in the warmth. She is also known as Fifi Banana and Fifiana.

Her Mum tells me she is the sweetest most gentlest dog ever with the kids coming along and with other dogs and cats. She lives with her human family of 2 adults and 2 kids and a few months ago welcomed her new family member River – the Beagle who you can read about here.

This is a bit more that her mum had to say.
“She is sweet and gentle, never growls and just goes with the flow. The dogs are a big part of our family and we love having them around to entertain, love and guilt us into going for a walk if we get lazy. we do talk to them even if they don’t understand and tell them they are funny naughty cute sill and wonderful. I just love it when she sits with her paws crossed.”

Old dogs are a blessing and this old girl is just adorable.



Today we got started with Molly, what a sweetheart!

Today the weather was finally good enough to get some test shots done but the funniest thing happened. I always see so many dogs passing by my house during the day, the weather was perfect, overcast with no wind. But not a dog or human in sight!! Thankfully one of my neighbours got home from taking Molly to the beach and I was able to use her to get some test shots with the lights and set ups done. The have worked out really well and will make a few tweaks to get it just perfect. Molly will get in front of the camera again sometime soon when she is not so beachy and wet!! We want to make sure she looks her best for her photo shoot next time.

I think you will agree that she is a real sweetheart and makes a great model.