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Coco and Lolly, such cute little dudes.

Coco is a 9yr old Maltese and I think she would have to be the smallest Maltese I have ever seen. Such a little sweetheart and really happy to stop for a chat.

And Lolly is a 13yr old Maltese that was not quite as happy to chat. She was more comfortable watching the events of the day and having a reassuring cuddle with mum.

They were both patiently waiting with Indie while there carers had a neighborly street corner chat with Indies Mum.




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Suri and Fifi: What a double act.

This is Suri and Fifi. And don’t they just love their morning stroll along the beach at Broadbeach.

Suri is a Maltese and is 8 yrs old and Fifi is a Miniature poodle and 6yrs old. They obviously love hanging out together.

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Masey the Beautiful Boxer Girl

This is Masey, She is a 16 months old boxer and just adorable. She wasn’t to sure about my camera but she was happy for me to take a few photos of her.

I have a special place in my heart for Boxers as Hugo is part of our family and we just adore him, and i have had some awesome clients who I have photographed with their Boxers. They are beautiful loyal and protective dogs and Miss Masey was just awesome.


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Piper, The Labradoodle.

Piper is a lovely 2yr old Labradoodle. The Labradoodle was designed in the 1970’s specifically for a blind lady in Hawaii because the Labrador breed was not able to be used because she had allergies. So the Labrador was combined with the Standard Poodle to create this beautiful dog.

Piper is a perfect example of the wonderful disposition and kindness that these dogs demonstrate. Out on her morning walk in Broadbeach when i came across her. Such a lovely girl.



Gold Coast

Cheeky Charlie.

What a ratbag and show off this little guy was. 16mth old Charlie is a toy poodle with oodles of character and energy.

He was out on his morning walk when he saw me photographing someone else and made sure he got my attention so he could have his 15 minutes of fame too.

I am sure you will agree that this little guy is quite a character.



Nala the Bull Terrier

On our recent family vacation to Gold Coast Qld, we were spending some time at Broadbeach when i spotted Nala and her family just a bit up the beach from us and just had to go and photograph her. Yes i carry my camera everywhere LOL.

Nala is a 5yr old Bull Terrier who loves to run and chase the ball as you can see from these photographs.

If you are Nala’s owner, please email me as i would love to send you the photographs, there are a few i have not used here that i think you would love.


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Santos the very handsome rescued Kelpie X

Santos is a 2yr old rescued Kelpie X who loves a good swim in the morning. He had just come off the beach and was having a rest before heading home on this morning that i captured him. His local beach is Broadbeach Gold Coast Queensland. Lucky puppy has a wonderful part of the world to call home.

I think you will agree he is a handsome boy. He really had a way about him. Very sweet but almost regal.


Gold Coast

Blondie and Bella

These awesome little 7yr old Jack Russells were out on their early morning walk at Broad Beach on the Gold Coast when i came across them. What lucky Pups Blondie and Bella are to live in such a great space to go walking all the time. I have an absolute love of these little terriers. there is a reason Jack Russell dogs are not made any larger, they are full of energy and need lots of exercise.

These guys are a middle aged and obviously love a good walk.

German Shepard

Beautiful Beau.

What a stunning Dog. And constantly on guard and checking things out. Just adorable. This is Beau, a 5yr old Shepard and just adorable. Photographed on the Broad Beach on the Gold Coast going for an early morning walk.


Gigi the Beaglier

A Beaglier is a designer cross of a Beagle and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel which is what this 20 month old bundle of energy is. Little Miss Gigi is one high energy dog.

I was lucky to catch Gigi in between jumping around and wanting to continue her walk but what a sweetheart dog. And such soft fur. OMG her ears are like velvet.

Gigi has her own Instagram page that you can find her on at :@gigi_the_beaglier

French Bull Dog

Frank the Frenchie

On my recent visit to the Gold Coast i spent some time in the mornings going for a walk along the lovely walking space near our apartment on BroadBeach. Frank the 2yr old French Bull Dog was the first pup I came across and just had to photograph his sweet face. What a cutie.

A man of habit from what his owner tells me. Pretty typical of most blokes I reckon. LOL.

If you are Franks owner and would like a copy of the photographs please email me on so i can arrange them for you.