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Today we got started with Molly, what a sweetheart!

Today the weather was finally good enough to get some test shots done but the funniest thing happened. I always see so many dogs passing by my house during the day, the weather was perfect, overcast with no wind. But not a dog or human in sight!! Thankfully one of my neighbours got home from taking Molly to the beach and I was able to use her to get some test shots with the lights and set ups done. The have worked out really well and will make a few tweaks to get it just perfect. Molly will get in front of the camera again sometime soon when she is not so beachy and wet!! We want to make sure she looks her best for her photo shoot next time.

I think you will agree that she is a real sweetheart and makes a great model.

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Stella, at home.

Stella is a not just any dog, she is a part of our family. She is one of my dog “Bonnie’s” best friends, and is my big brothers pup.

We love spending time up at my brothers property where the dogs and the kids can run and play. Lots of space. Fresh Air. A Dogs Paradise.

She is a Golden Retriever that just loves exploring the land. She loves jumping into the damn no mater what the weather. She is such a friendly and gentle pup. And we just love having her as part of our extended family.

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Best Buddies

I have been a photographer for many years, and for many years I have photographed pets. Lots of my own dogs and dogs of friends, family and clients. I will show case all the work that I have done over the years here on this site, as well as the work that I am currently doing for the “Walking the Dog” photography project.

This image is of my dog Bonnie, with one of her buddies, Stella. Shot on my brothers property where we often get together as a family. This is the view we see of the dogs regularly as we go for walks. This has always been a favorite of mine and thought it fitting to include on this web site. After all this was shot while walking the dogs!!